Division of Strategic Enrollment Management

The purpose of the Division of Strategic Enrollment Management is to ensure academic quality and student success, which is dependent upon the recruitment, retention and timely graduation of a talented and diverse student body. Our goals and aspirations are clearly articulated in the university's strategic plan, and a primary component of our vision is to ensure that we attract and retain students who will graduate at a higher rate and who will contribute to a highly skilled 21st century workforce.
Within the division there are two major operational components – Admissions and Enrollment Services. The Office of Admissions manages the recruitment and application processes for all graduate, international and undergraduate applicants while Enrollment Services, which houses the offices of Financial Aid, Records and Registration, Student Accounting, and the Student Services Center, manages the matriculation, financial aid, billing and graduation processes for all new and continuing VCU students.

Enrollment Services

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid is a service organization supporting Virginia Commonwealth University's enrollment and retention goals by identifying and obtaining resources for students to pursue their educational goals; delivering funds in a timely and equitable manner; and educating students, their families and the VCU community to make informed financial decisions. Each year, more than $270 million in student aid is disbursed to more than 18,000 students.

Records & Registration

University Records and Registration is responsible for registering students for classes and recording their academic achievements so that the credit they earn at VCU becomes part of a permanent record available for certifying their degrees, applying for employment and gaining admittance to higher education programs.

Student Accounting

The Student Accounting Department is responsible for the assessment, billing and collection of tuition, housing and dining charges, and other university fees. The department also bills third-party payers for VCU charges and issues refunds to eligible students.

Graduate Admissions
Graduate Admissions supports the recruitment, application processing, candidate evaluation and enrollment of students seeking entry to more than 135 graduate programs of study at VCU enrolling over 6,400 students.

International Admissions
International Admissions manages the application process for non-U.S. citizens and non-U.S. residents seeking entry to undergraduate or graduate programs of study at VCU.

Undergraduate Admissions
Undergraduate Admissions leads the formation of the incoming undergraduate freshman and transfer student classes that will study in 63 bachelor degree programs enrolling over 23,500 undergraduate students.